Ready to face your exams?

This light-hearted quiz was written for students facing their summer exams.

[head] Are you ready to face your exams?

[sell] You might think you’re prepared for any question that gets thrown at you, but is your smugness justified or should you be revving up your revision schedule big time?           [byline] Compiled by Michelle Garnett

1. What’s your studying style?

a) I concentrate on finishing one set of notes so I can plough through the next pile.

b) I study while watching Skins and American Idol out the corner of my eye.

c) I stick to a revision strategy, learning small bits of info at a time.

2. How much shut-eye are you getting on average?

a) About 4 hours – well Madonna only needs 4 hours sleep a night, apparently.

b) Loads. These free study sessions are a great chance to catch up on sleep.

c) Usually about 8 hours a night.

3. To keep focused and alert during your revision sessions do you…

a) Guzzle copious cups of coffee and cans of red bull.

b) Er, do nothing – what do you mean, you have to stay focused?

c) Take regular breaks and healthy snacks.

4. Where do you keep your revision notes?

a) In a safe that resembles a nuclear bunker – you don’t want to risk losing them.

b) Underneath your bed, somewhere… or are they under that pile of rotting socks?

c) In neat, clearly labelled files on your bedroom table or desk.

5. How much exercise are you fitting in right now?

a) Don’t be mad! There’s no time to exercise.

b) An occasional stroll to the fridge and back

c) A little bit each day – a walk round the park or a quick game of footie.

6. What’s your opinion about exams?

a) They’re vital for my future happiness. If I fail my exams I’ve failed everyone.

b) They’re just a bit of paper – life experience is more important.

c) They’re important but if I don’t do brilliantly it’s not the end of the world.

7. With only days to go, you realise you’ve missed out a whole chapter of your revision notes. Do you…

a) Start hyper-ventilating and go into total meltdown.

b) Keep your fingers crossed that there won’t be any questions relating to that area.

c) Set aside some time in your study schedule to briefly cover that chapter.

8. The night before your exams do you plan to…

a) Do a major cramming session til the early hours.

b) Go out with your mates to keep yourself totally relaxed.

c) Revise a few key points then get an early night.

[subhead] How did you score?

Mostly a’s:  Woah! You’re a total stress head. Yes exams are important but if you put too much pressure on yourself you’ll find it tricky to stay calm and focused and you’’ll risk flunking them. Remember: regular breaks from your revision are well spent time not wasted time.

Mostly b’s:  Are you too cool for school or what? A laid back attitude might be ok sometimes but when it comes to exams it’s worth putting in that extra effort, just for a few weeks of your life, to get the best results you can. There’s plenty of time for chilling out later in the summer.

Mostly c’s:  Well, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. You’re very organised and you know the value of looking after yourself. As a result, your stress levels are pretty low. Keep going at this steady pace and you should do yourself proud. Good luck!

[box out]

[head] Exam stress-busters

1. Eat properly

2. Get plenty of rest

3. Take regular breaks

4. Be realistic about your work load

5. Do some daily exercise

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