Kimberley Walsh: ‘Working out is painful’

Former Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh chatted to me about play dates with Cheryl, where she keeps her old Girls Aloud outfits and being a natural worrier…

Kimberley Walsh is a pro at keeping it real. The mum of two was recently praised for sharing photos of her bikini body, before and after children, on social media.

‘I’ve always been really relaxed about dealing with my post-pregnancy body,’ she tells OK!, adding that she’s only just got back into exercise two and a half years after the birth of her younger son Cole.

Her son is pals with Bear, the two-year-old son of Kimberley’s former Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Tweedy, and the two mums love arranging play dates. Kimberley, who’s set to star in the West End production of Big The Musical, also has a son Bobby, four, with husband Justin Scott, 36.

Here, the 37-year-old star reveals why she decided to show off her ‘mum body’ and why she worries about her boys…

You recently compared photos of your body before and after children on social media – why?  I wanted to spell out that this is what you go through as a woman. You change so much and it’s completely out of your control. I’ve got many mum friends who look at other people’s posts and feel bad that they’re not back in shape. It’s good to see that we’re all different.

What’s your advice to other new mums about working out?  Do it for yourself – if it makes you feel fitter, then great. Cole’s nearly two and a half and I’ve only just decided I want to get fit and more toned again. I’ve been working with a personal trainer and doing reformer Pilates too. Working out is painful but I feel better for it.

Does Cole get to see much of Cheryl’s son Bear?  We try to get the boys together as much as we can. They like to kick a ball about. But me and Cheryl don’t live near each other. If we did we’d see each other every day.

What are Cole and Bear like when they’re together?  Cole wants to look after Bear. They look exactly the same age but Cole thinks he’s a lot older than Bear so he takes care of him, getting him his drink and stuff like that. It’s sweet.

What do you worry about as a parent?  I’m a natural worrier but as a parent I worry constantly. All I want to do is keep my kids safe – they’re everything.

Simon Cowell said he’s worried that his son Eric will get bullied when he starts school. Do you empathise with him?  Bobby starts school in September and I won’t be there to protect

him. But he’s very open and outgoing and I feel that he’ll talk to me if he’s upset. It’s so important to keep talking to your kids.

Is there a good cop and bad cop with you and Justin?  Yeah, I’m good cop, he’s bad cop. The boys actually care what Justin says. I’m the one who’s there most of the time so they’re not bothered by what I say!

You’ve been together 15 years and married for three. How does married life compare?  It’s added another level to our partnership. There’s no other difference as we’ve been together so long, but it feels lovely to be a proper family.

Do you still have any of your outfits from Girls Aloud?  Yes, they’re all in my loft but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to wear them now.

Tell us about the McDonald’s Football Mum Of The Year Awards you’re supporting…  You can nominate any mum from a grassroots football club who goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep these clubs running. Like washing kit every week, helping with coaching, even making cups of tea and bringing cakes. That’s what I’ll be doing. Cole and Bobby both love football, and Cole’s actually quite good.