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Here’s a health feature for OK! magazine which I edited. The brief? To find out which juice cleanse delivery services hit the spot, according to their team of testers?

Looking for a healthy detox to boost your energy levels? OK! tries out five juice cleanse delivery services to help you get started…

Barely a week goes by without the sight of A-listers like Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley clutching a brightly coloured juice drink.

Kate Hudson reveals she uses juice cleanses to help ‘reset my body’ and Millie Mackintosh recently tried a juice detox at the Juicy Oasis resort in Portugal, where Caroline Flack prepped her body before last year’s X Factor live shows.

The idea of a juice cleanse is to abstain from eating solid food for a few days (three is the recommended maximum). All your fruit and vegetables are then blended together into a liquid raw juice diet.

Nutri Centre nutritionist Cassandra Barnes says they’re ‘an excellent way to give your digestive system and liver a rest’. Advocates also insist they get your skin glowing and boost energy levels.

While most cleanses don’t promise weight loss, it’s not unusual to drop a few pounds, although you’ll possibly put them back on once you’re back on the solids.

During your cleanse, Gwyneth Paltrow advises to ‘drink a lot of water’ and ‘stay scheduled and busy, particularly around meal-times’. It’s also wise to stick to low-impact activity. To help you on your way, OK! has tried and tested five juice detoxes…


Plenish Cleanse

Tester: Staff photographer Lorna Roach.

Price: £178 for three days.

Weight loss: 3.5lb.

The lowdown: The organic cold press juices, devised by experts, are delivered fresh to your door. Devoid of additives, the alkaline-based juices work to neutralise your body and boost your immune system. There are three levels of cleanses and I opted to do level one (detox cleanse) for one day and level three (weight-loss cleanse) for the following two days.

Results: The delicious green juices containing kale, spinach and pear, with a zesty finish, didn’t disappoint. Other juices included a refreshing spicy chilli, lemon and lime coconut water and the yummy protein-filled cashew, cacao, vanilla and date almond milk. With six 500ml drinks per day, I never felt hungry and only missed the ritual of eating. After three days, I felt rejuvenated and my skin was significantly clearer. It was a great way to eliminate sugar addiction and give my body a much-needed energy boost.



Press London Three-day Juice Cleanse

Tester: Entertainment editor Laura Hills.

Price: £149 for a three-day juice cleanse.

Weight loss: 3lb.

Celebrity fans: Duchess of Cambridge, Dianna Agron and Tamara Ecclestone.

The lowdown: There are three cleanses – beginner, intermediate and advanced. I opted for beginner: eight drinks a day. I had four fruit and vegetable-based juices, two nut milk-based drinks, alkaline water for mornings and chlorophyll water for the evenings.

Results: The two green juices weren’t very palatable but the rest were delicious and refreshing. The highlights were the cacao leche and vanilla leche. Day one was surprisingly easy but by day two I had headaches – probably sugar and caffeine withdrawal. By day three I had bags of energy, a flatter stomach and glowing skin.



Think Press Three-day Lighten Cleanse

Tester: Senior designer Chloe Reeves.

Price: £95 for 15 juices.

Weight loss: 2lb.

The lowdown: Created to give you that ‘lift’, this is a lower calorie cleanse, which aims to kick lethargy and help you feel brighter. Choose five juices a day from a good range including Ginger Glow, Virgin Mary, Pink Roots, Almond Milk and Cacao Cashew. Each come with a numbered lid so you can consume them in the correct order for variety.

Results: I thought the juices were all very tasty and fresh, but I did miss eating! I felt hungry on the first evening and found it quite difficult. But after noticing a slightly flatter stomach the next day and feeling brighter and healthier inside, I was encouraged to carry on! Post-detox, I’ve upped my water intake and cut down on unhealthy snacking.




Fuel Station Three-day Detox

Tester: Editorial assistant Katie Langford-Foster.

Price: £60 for 12 juices and £28.75 for a post-detox five-meal package (inc free delivery on orders over £50).

Weight loss: 5.5lb.

Celebrity fans: Alex Gerrard, Michelle Keegan and Tyson Fury. It’s run by The Apprentice’s Kurt Wilson and his brother Jay.

The lowdown: The juices arrived fresh and chilled the day after ordering, along with five meals to encourage healthy eating post-detox. Two Super Green, one Carrot Spice and one Beet Boost are consumed per day – that’s four juices and no solids! There’s a fruitier version for those with a sweet tooth.

Results: Day one was tough and the veg-based juices took some getting used to, but by day two I stopped dreaming of takeaways and sugary snacks and began to enjoy them. The post-detox meals were catered to my dietary requirements and have helped me make healthier choices since. Initially quite sceptical, I was pleasantly surprised!



Jason Vale’s Five-day Juice Diet

Tester: Editor Kirsty Tyler.

Price: £149.99.

Weight loss: 4lb.

Celebrity fans: Alesha Dixon, Carol Vorderman, Caroline Flack, Amanda Holden and Katie Price.

The lowdown: You get 20 juices, or 15 juices and five soups, five SoS juice bars, plus Jason Vale’s book and DVD with first orders. The juices come frozen – the best way to lock in nutrients – and need to go straight in the freezer. You take out five each night to defrost for the next day. First up is the Ginger Shot, which has a kick, then a further four juices for the rest of the day. There are nine flavours including ruby Tuesday, Green refresher and Veggie Power Smoothie.

Results: I found it quite easy to stick to and I was amazed that I wasn’t that hungry – the juices are tasty and quite filling. Plus, the last ‘juice’ of the day can be a soup if you choose that option, and you get an SoS juice bar each day. Handy when you really want to chew on something!