From weddings to newborn princes, jubilees to overseas tours, while working at OK! magazine I’ve amassed an extensive knowledge of the British monarchy, reporting on and writing about milestone moments in the lives of the royal family.

#Royal fact: HM the Queen is said to use her Launer handbag to send secret codes to her staff. If she places it on the floor it signals that she’s tiring of the conversation and wishes to be discreetly rescued by her Lady-in-Waiting!

Kate to follow Queen’s fur ban

Kate Royal Fur Ban

Hot on the heels of the Queen’s 2019 decision to ban real fur in her wardrobe, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly has had plans to follow suit. Here’s my story for OK! magazine…

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The Duke of York’s downfall

Duke of York scandalA stiff drink for Her Majesty but business as usual? What really happened behind the scenes when the Duke of York resigned from his royal duties following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? I spoke to royal commentator Ingrid Seward to find out…

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The Queen’s 12 Rules of Christmas

Sandringham christmas 1

The royal family are renowned for upholding traditions and observing strict protocol and it’s no different at Christmas time. This feature takes a fun look at 12 of the time-honoured and sometimes quirky customs the Queen and co. follow during their annual gathering at Sandringham

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Kate’s promise to the Queen

Kate xmas vow to QueenIn the run up to Christmas 2019 – and on the tail of a difficult few months for the royals – the Duchess of Cambridge vowed to ‘ stand by her ma’am’ and support the Queen at the family’s traditional Christmas Day appearance in Sandringham. I spoke to royal commentator Katie Nicholl for all the details as the duchess joined excited children in her first official engagement in a new role bestowed upon her by Her Majesty.

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