A good grounding in teen magazines, brochures and websites has ensured I’m adept at tapping into the values and interests of Generation Z. I create copy that not only entertains and informs but connects with the youth audience without talking down to them.

#Teen fact: A generation Z teen has an attention span of 8 seconds – your message needs to hit home, fast.

Addicted to Danger

When I wrote this feature, the news had just broken about the tragic death of an Australian lad who’d been posing for a photo perched precariously on the railing of his seventh-floor balcony. 20-year-old Acton Beale had been partaking in the latest craze for planking, where players mimic a rigid plank of wood in unexpected places. The article aims to highlight the dangers of taking a seemingly harmless game way too far, as well as mentioning other risky crazes that are in vogue right now (namely Owling, Batting and Car surfing).

Is this the Secret to Exam Success?

Everyone’s different, so it makes sense that everyone learns using different techniques, whether they’re aware of it or not. In this feature, I explain to struggling students and pupils under-pressure how an understanding of their individual learning style can help them ace their exams. Wish I’d known all this when I was trying to commit the Periodic Table to memory.